Where can I buy tickets from?

Tickets can be purchased from the cinema box office or online from our website www.albahjacinemaoman.com

What if I change my mind, can I return my ticket and get my money back?

Tickets are no refundable whether purchased from the box office or online.

When are movies show times released?

We update our show times on a weekly basis every Wednesday with new timetable serving from Thursday to Wednesday.

Are online and printed show times accurate?

We do make changes to the show times from time to time and hence the printed pocket guide or any other form of printed timetable will not reflect those changes. For accuracy, you may check movie times on our website or at our box office.

How many days before show time can I purchase my ticket?

You may buy your ticket once the program is available online and at the box office

What are the box office timings?

The box office is open from 08:00 am till 15 minutes after the last show starts

Do children have to buy tickets to watch a movie?

Children under the age of 2 get in for free but do not get to have their own seats. They are allowed in the cinemas in movies starting from 7:00 pm and onwards. Movies rating must be observed.